I’m Tim King, host of The Make Shit Happen Project.

I’ve always been fascinated by the stories about people who refuse to stop following their dreams. No matter how much adversity is thrown their way, they find a way to overcome those obstacles and move forward. Regardless of how difficult or painful it may be, they fight through the hard times and find a way to Make Shit Happen.


It’s a testament to the human spirit and what can be accomplished by refusing to give in or give up on what matters most to us. 
On the MSH Project I'll bring you the stories about the individuals who are in the process of pursuing their dreams. We all know that it takes years of dedication to accomplish our passions in life, it’s a lot of hard work. I want to share those stories with you. Besides, who doesn't love a good success story!! So, if you like a little bit of serious and inspiration, mixed with a little bit of humor and fun, then you will enjoy hearing about the people who made the decision to change their lives and Make Shit Happen.  

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Why Podcasting is a Win-Win Situation for Podcast Hosts, GUESTS, Listeners, & Advertisers. 

With social media dominating the attention of everyone these days, it's no surprise that podcast listenership has risen dramatically. According to an article by Techworld, "almost 40 percent of Americans listen to podcasts, while 24 percent tune in monthly. This represents roughly 60 million potential customers spending time and valuable attention on this one social media platform. "I think it's safe to say that podcasting has become mainstream, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This is incredibly good news if you happen to be a business owner in need of developing a customer base to generate sales. In addition, if you want to expand your brand awareness to a whole new audience or demographic, then podcasting could be the outlet for you to reach that desired end consumer. This increase of podcast popularity benefits both listener and advertiser as well. With the ability to choose a particular niche of podcast, the chances increase dramatically that the advertising spot will be more receptive to the listening audience. “People are really listening and want to consume all of the content that is available,” said Jason Cox, of Panoply. “There’s a level of dedication that comes from podcast listeners that you otherwise don’t find.” As you can see, being a guest on a podcast can offer a tremendous opportunity to expand awareness. Connect with me to discuss the advantages of being a guest on my podcast. I look forward to hearing from you.

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 It takes years of dedication to accomplish your goals and passions, it’s a lot of work. So, if you enjoy hearing about those who made the sacrifices to follow their dreams, then The Make Shit Happen Project is for you. Caution, inspiring stories are just a click away!!

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